Kowethas Kernow – Celtic Community in Cornwall, aka ‘The Celtic Order’ is an evolving project, which began as a vision for rediscovering a Christianity that is non-hierarchical, non-authoritan and grounded in love, kindness and a deep respect for the natural world.

As we have evolved, we have become a project looking at the possibility of developing a kind of ‘Humanistic Christianity‘, that is, using the monastic, liturgical and other structures and ideas of traditional Christianity, without the traditional beliefs in the supernatural or a deity.

It is intended to be a safe haven for pilgrims who may have been wounded on their faith journey, but who still see value in the rhythm of the church year, and perhaps those who have been put off regular church for any reason, and for people who would not otherwise step inside a church, as well as church members and curious seekers.

It is a place to explore Christianity through the lens of some of the earliest communities of believers, and from there, hopefully a place to re-kindle your faith with your own renewed vision.

We aim to become a dispersed ‘new Monastic’, Celtic-style community and an informal ‘religious order’ based in Cornwall, with no formal links to any religious body or denomination but aiming to have healthy links of friendship to all.

This vision is borne out of many years of study, prayer and the Deconstruction of faith during my own ‘wilderness experience’ after years of living under damaging, toxic church teaching, and a longing for deeper and more authentic community.

It is in part inspired by ‘Humanistic Judaism’, which essentially seeks to embrace the culture: art, literature, music etc of Judaism, without the religious beliefs.

It is a work in progress which continues to evolve.

Please take a look at our website (currently under revision), and consider whether you might be called to a community life and Journey of Exploration into a humanistic vision of Celtic and early Christian rhythms, life and practice.



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