Celtic Night Prayer

The interconnectedness of things often makes me smile, and it is funny the way you sometimes stumble across things in old, familiar places.

Take Root and Write was originally a network encouraging Christian women writers that I was a member of several years ago as an aspiring writer. The company was later sold to a fledgling missionary organisation, focused on witnessing to Jewish people, if I recall correctly.

I came across this page on Take Root’s blog this evening, which quotes from the Northumbrian Community, when I did a search for ‘Celtic Night Prayer’:


I assume it is the same organisation as it has the same logo. I haven’t followed it since the original network closed down, so I can’t recommend it (or otherwise); it seemed to have evolved into a magazine and publishing house at one stage, but judging by some of the broken links and empty pages, it doesn’t look like an active ministry anymore, which is sad. But it’s interesting to note how far and wide the interest in Celtic Christian spirituality reaches, and interesting too to note that somebody else has the twin interest of Jewish Christianity as well, even if they haven’t specifically linked the two together.

The peace of all peace
Be thine this night

In the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit.



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