Melchizedek was a Prophet, Priest and King

All followers of Jesus, as the Great High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, whether clergy or laity, have elements of all these functions in the following ways:



Prophecy: to speak the Words of God, especially those of our Great High Priest

Mission: to tell people about God (“if necessary, use words” – Saint Francis)

Intercession: to intercede in prayer on behalf of people and nations

Call to repentance: the unpopular side of being a prophet! To call people to repentance.


Sacrifice: of onself, after the pattern of our Great High Priest who gave Himself for us. (see also Members or Oblates)

Mediation: speaking to God on behalf of unbelievers. (For believers, Jesus Himself is Mediator)

Blessing: like the Levitical priesthood, we are to bless and not curse.



Govern: to bring order and beauty within your sphere of influence

Lead: to live an example – a King sets the tone for his people, especially spiritually

Represent: we are visible representatives to people who don’t yet know Him, as sons and daughters and representatives of the Most High King


In the Celtic Order of Melchizedek, we emphasise these functions of every believer.


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