Saint Michael


Saint Michael is one of the patron saints of Cornwall, of the Church and is known in scripture as the protector of the nation of Israel, an advocate for the Jewish people –

“The great Prince who stands up for the children of your people” in the book of Daniel.

Both the Hebrew words ‘Prince’ (Sar) and ‘Angel’ (Malak) refer to heavenly messengers, whether of God or of Satan.

In the New Testament, Michael is referred to as an Archangel in the book of Jude.

In the book of Revelation, Michael defeats Satan during the War in Heaven. Thus he is usually pictured defeating a dragon, the archetypal symbol of Satan.

From an evangelical or protestant point of view, Michael – meaning “who is like God” – may be thought of, like Melchizedek, as a pre-incarnational theophany of Christ; that is, he may be identified as Jesus, the head of all the Angels, God himself.

St. Michael's Mount at Marazion in Cornwall
St. Michael’s Mount at Marazion in Cornwall

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