Discipleship Programme

Like a Monastic Order, we facilitate a three year training and study programme, which may also be called a ‘discipleship’ programme.

Should Kernow community appeal to you, and you would like to join us, you will start in your first year as a:


A ‘Postulant’ is rather like a candidate who is considering and being considered for membership.

Unlike many other orders, you need not spend a whole year as a Postulant, but we do ask for at least a month of careful consideration.

You will move to your first year as a Novice upon signing and returning your initial vows (when you feel ready to do so).

When you have signed your initial vows, you may identify yourself as a Postulant of the Kernow Community.


A ‘Novice’ is equivalent to a trainee. You will be a Novice for at least three years (longer if you feel the need).

You may identify yourself as a first, second or third year Novice of the Kernow Community.


A fully trained member, with at least three years of Novice training is equivalent to a Oblate of a religious order such as a Monk or Nun who has taken their permanent vows).

You may identify yourself as a Member, Brother or Sister, Oblate, or even a Monk (or Nun) of the Kernow Community.

You may particularly prefer the terms ‘Monk’ or ‘Nun’ if you actually live in community, but this is not a requirement.

If you are interested in starting a local chapter or community of the Order, however, please let us know.

We do not ask that you sign a lifetime covenant, vow, oath or promise, since we take the Biblical view that such vows are binding. We simply agree to follow the Rule to the best of our ability annually, for as long as we feel called to do so, and unless or until such time as we are called to abandon it. (For example, if our understanding or convictions or calling change, or if you join another order where the Rule, Values or Principles are not compatible with the Kernow Community.

To be clear, joining another Order in addition to Kernow Community is acceptable providing it does not contradict Kernow Community in terms of its vows.

If you are already a member of another Order and wish to join us, you will need to check with your superiors as to whether that would be acceptable within the context of your current vows.)

Additionally, we do not view our journey of exploration to be over at the end of the three years of training. It is an ongoing journey. We look forward to walking the path with you.

 Join us!

If, after careful consideration, you would like to join us as a Postulant, please fill in the contact form below.

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