Busy Life

Our lives are so busy today! We seem to be running at a million miles a second!

It is tempting to imagine escaping from it all to a desert monastery. But the reality for most of us is a busy, perhaps stressful life of commitment at work and home.

How can I possibly incorporate the Disciplines into my daily life, is it possible?

The disciplines are not meant to be an extra layer of legalistic burdens to add to your list of ‘things to do’.

Rather, they are tools designed to enable you to connect with God and your community as you go deeper into discipleship.

Instead of thinking of the disciplines as a ‘list of things to do’, try to embrace the idea of ‘living the disciplines’.

Some of the disciplines will require a certain time commitment, but don’t get bogged down with the idea that you need to do it all, and you may find that many of the disciplines can be folded into your normal, everyday life.

Prayer, for example, can be incorporated into meal-times, getting up and going to bed.

Take small steps, and one step at a time. Ask for our First Steps Year 1 schedule and notes.

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