Recommended Bible Versions

– The Complete Jewish Bible

The Complete Jewish Bible, translated by David H. Stern, is divided for ease of reading the weekly Torah portions.

– One Year Bible

This is available in several different versions, and is divided into 365 daily readings to include daily portions of the Old and New Testaments, a psalm and a section of proverbs.

– The King James Version, or the Authorised Version

The King James authorised version in English has fallen out of favour for being old fashioned. However, when it was written it specifically used a slightly older form of English than was current at the time for the express purpose of giving it a more reverent feel. Its use of English is poetic and is useful for ease of memorisation (specifically due to its archaic language) and contemplation. It is also important for Biblical and cultural literacy, since this version informed English-speaking cultures.

– Easy reading, easier to understand versions

There is a spectrum of Bibles available in English which differ in terms of accuracy and ease of understanding. Easier versions which remain fairly close to the KJV include the New King James / Revised Authorised, The Revised Standard Version and the New American Standard Bible. The most popular English Bible is still probably the NIV which is about average for both understanding and accuracy. Easier versions include the Good News Bible and the Message at the extreme end of the spectrum. If you use the Message, you will need another more accurate version for serious study.


We hope to make Bibles available in our shop shortly.

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