Submission is the foundation to all the other disciplines.

Submission to God

For the Christian, submission to God is foundational. How do you determine the Will of God? Principally by means of the Internal Disciplines of Prayer, Bible reading. The Will of God cannot contravene the basic nature of God, as the God who is Love.

Mutual Submission

Christians are required to submit to one another, preferring each others’ needs before your own. In practice, you may find that other Christians have not learned this discipline, and instead of demanding it of others, you will need to be prepared to model it, regardless of their response.

Submission to Authority

In order to submit to authority, you must determine who has authority. To put yourself under somebody’s authority is no small thing. Jesus said a man cannot have two masters. To what extent then is it possible to submit to human authority? This is a question to consider.



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