Novice Year 1

Novice of the Kernow Community, Year 1

Between being accepted as a Postulant and signing up to become an official Novice of the Order, you may like to consider what it means to commit to a religious order.

You may also like to make enquiries with regard to finding a mentor, or Anam Chara at this stage.

We ask you to reflect, from between a minimum of one month, to a maximum of one year before you progress to the Novice stage.


 Year 1 Requirements

The basic training requirements for a Novice Year 1 are as follows:

To explore and pursue

– Consecration to God and
– Service to your fellow man
– Healing of the World
– Personal Spiritual Formation

By means of

– The Disciplines and
– The Weightier Matters of the Law
– The Offices or Functions of the Order of Melchizedek
– The Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit

The focus of Study for Year 1 is Discipleship and an introduction to Celtic Christianity and Jewish Christianity.

Book recommendations may be found in our Amazon store under the ‘Celtic Order’ category.

* If you have already signed up for Year 1 training, but have yet to receive your Training Notes, please contact us.

[To be continued]

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