Israel is a controversial and divisive subject, sadly.

However, regardless of your political views, the restoration of the Hebrew language and the Jewish people to the Land is nothing short of miraculous.

We are called firstly to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

We pray for the Jewish and Palestinian peoples with equal vigour, recognising that their deepest need is a spiritual one.

We also pray regularly for Palestinian and Arab Christian and Messianic Jewish congregations (which are sometimes one in the same, worshipping in a spirit of love and peace together).

Jesus is the answer.


We do not, as some churches do, support the boycott and divestment from and sanctions against Israel because God said to Jacob:

“Whoever blesses you will be blessed, and whoever curses you will be cursed.”


Even if you agree with the Replacement Theology view that the Church has replaced Israel,

God’s callings are irrevocable.


Even if the blessings and cursing apply to Christians, the physical descendents of  Jacob are not excluded.

If you are unsure about this, ask us for more details.



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