Tzitzit, or tzitziyot are a Biblical, physical outward reminder of God’s law, His goodness and our duty.

Tzitzit are ancient, and are undoubtedly the origin of the Roman Catholic rosary and the Eastern Orthodox prayer knot ropes.


The Torah calls us to wear tzitzit on the four corners of your garment. Additionally we are told to write the Words of the Law

– on our gates and doorposts (see Mezuzah)

– on our right hand

– between our eyes

– on your heart

There are various ways of fulfilling these commands. Orthodox Jewish tradition adopted a system of physical boxes (phylacteries or tefillin) containing written parchments which are ritually adorned on the forehead and on the arms during prayer.

A modern alternative is to adapt the tzitzit as bracelets, necklaces and prayer ropes.

We hope to make tzitzit available in our shop soon. Alternatively, learn how to make your own!


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