Look to the Rock Whence You are Hewn

I would like to share a sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, in 1887.

The Celtic Mission of Iona and Lindisfarne

It is interesting for historical interest to note that Celtic Christianity was already being re-explored in the Victorian era.

What was the reason for the phenomenal success of the Celtic church? “It was the power of earnest, simple, self-denying lives, pleading with a force which no eloquence of words can command.”

Times have indeed changed, but as the preacher said, “The simplicity, the self-devotion, the prayerfulness, the burning love of Christ, which shone forth in those Celtic missionaries of old, must be your spiritual equipment now.”

Contemplate on these things. How can you weave them into your daily life? They are certainly worth pursuing.

– Simplicity

– Devotion

– Prayerfulness

“Then, when your work is done, and another generation shall have taken your place, it may be that some future Bede will again trace in words of tender and regretful sympathy the undying record of a Christ-like life and work.”