Married Monasticism

A lovely post about everyday monasticism for non-monastics.

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The New Monasticism Gets Older, But Will it Grow Up?

This post is a year old, but I saw it for the first time today and thought it worth sharing.

“The New Monasticism Gets Older, But Will it Grow Up? by Greg Peters”
On Protestant, evangelical monasticism.

I thought this quote from John Henry Newman was particularly interesting:

“Clergymen at present are subject to the painful experience of losing the more religious portion of their flock. . . . They desire to be stricter than the mass of churchmen, and the church gives them no means.”

We prefer the word ‘spiritual’ over ‘religious’ these days, but the same is true nevertheless.

Does the longing for deeper devotion than the churches offer resonate with you?

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Volunteers Needed!


We are almost ready to launch officially, but it would be really helpful to find some volunteers to trial the discipleship and study side of the Celtic Order’s programme (you don’t need to sign up to become a Member, although you are welcome to do so if you like!)…

…with a view to possibly becoming spiritual mentors, or ‘Anam Cara’ for the next generation of new members.

This mentorship is not compulsory, so if you are interested in looking at our programme but don’t want to commit to that side of things, please don’t be put off! But it would be really helpful to have some feedback about our programme.

Ideally, you are already a Christian with at least a year or two of faith behind you. You may even already have completed some kind of discipleship programme.

Perhaps you are interested in new Monasticism but you’re not in a position to live in community? Perhaps you are interested in Celtic Christianity? Perhaps you are longing for more of God and a deeper experience of the Kingdom in your life?

We would love to hear from you!